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Teachers and Staff

The staff of The Armidale Waldorf School play an important role in the development of your child. Our staff are specially selected from candidates with demonstrated commitment to Rudolf Steiner Education principles.


Playtime: Rose McGrath

Preschool: Amber Rudge (Director) and Khalida Khan (Assistant)

Kindergarten: Karen Jenkins and Narelle Jackson (Student Learning Assistant)

Years 1/2: Tracey Somerville and Kim Bizo (Student Learning Assistant)

Years 3/4: Lynne Beclu and Belinda Nano (Student Learning Assistant)

Years 5/6: Tim Kemp and Nadia Waters (Student Learning Assistant)

Years 7/8: Joanne Lowe


Strings: Zana Clarke

Music: Nicole Mackson

French: Tess Herbert

Art: Belinda Nano

Gardening: Belinda Nano

Library Coordinator: Adriana McClenaghan


Literacy and Numeracy Coordinator: Michelle Hollands

Learning Support Teacher: Sofia Debus

Student Learning Assistants: Narelle Jackson, Kim Bizo, Nadia Waters, Belinda Nano


Every year the school hosts 4 young visitors from Germany who are spending a gap-year doing volunteer-work abroad.  These are our Freunde (“friends” in German). The Freunde are hosted by families from within the school community and they spend the weekdays performing various duties around the school – they may be assisting in a classroom, working in the garden, repairing desks and chairs or helping on a class camp. The program is an invaluable part of the school’s life and we are very grateful to be a part of it.

2017/2018 Freunde – Lina Gerlach


Education Director: Zana Clarke

School Manager: Steven Breese

Policies and Promotions Coordinator: Elizabeth Rogers

Finance and Payroll: Tracy Kennedy

Administration: Julie Sillar and Tanya Day

Maintenance: Terry Manly and Ralph Webster

Bus Supervisors: Kim Bizo