The High School Program

Our small high school offers a calm, friendly and beautiful setting to guide our students through the high seas of adolescence. This crucial and exciting time in a child’s development presents an extraordinary opportunity. Each child is encouraged to expand on their individual capacities and to contribute to the school community, with a view to living a life of joy and purpose. Teaching senior students in a Steiner setting means respecting the freedom of the young adult, walking alongside them with authenticity, strength, humour and compassion. The faculty teach and mentor students through the three ideals of truth, beauty and goodness, for the betterment of our school environment and the world.

Years 7 to 10 offer opportunities in drama, sport, school camps, creative arts and an engaging, student-centred teaching and learning program that seeks to stay close to the heart of the purpose of Steiner education – the flourishing of your child. In the Senior Years at TAWS (Year 11 and 12), students undertake an HSC-focused program tailored to provide a broad education and the skills, wisdom and maturity required to enter adult life.

Students will attain the Record of School Achievement (RoSA) at completion of Year 10 and the Higher School Certificate (HSC) in their second year of Senior School, upon satisfactory completion of the relevant courses.

We welcome your expression of interest in our high school program.

You can read more about our curriculum by reading our High School Prospectus or contact Zana, the Education Director, to discuss any questions you may have.

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Classes 7-10

We are Now Enrolling Class 7 2025. New placements are limited, please contact to ensure you don’t miss out.

The Years 7-10 curriculum is comprised of core subjects and our broad-based curriculum, to give students the opportunity to study across a wide range of subjects for a well-rounded education. Whenever possible, these subjects are studied in an interdisciplinary manner, which is increasingly acknowledged as a better way to learn prior to specialisation, which occurs in the Senior Years (Year 11 and 12).

Interdisciplinary study is a hallmark of Steiner education, in particular in the Main Lessons.
The Main Lesson, is a rich two-hour learning sequence that concentrates on the same subject for a three-week period. These longer sessions allow students to interact with their subject, classmates and teachers more deeply. The Main Lesson offers more time for a truly broad-based education, with differentiation according to student need, layering of increasingly complex material, and questioning and response time.

The remainder of the day is arranged into a middle period of two 45-minute periods and one 75-minute period after lunch.

Core subjects: English, Mathematics, Human Society and its Environment (HSIE), Science, Technology, Creative Arts, and Personal Development, Health and Physical education (PDHPE).

Broad-based curriculum subjects (BBCs): woodwork, art, drama, music, carving in wood and lino, sculpture with clay and stone, website development, animation, textiles, digital and film photography, writing and shooting a short film, community service, journalism, silversmithing and jewellery-making.

Classes 11-12

We are now accepting Expressions of Interest for Class 11 2025. Please contact if you are interested in learning more about the HSC program.

The Armidale Waldorf School offers six set Preliminary and HSC subjects in a two-year sequence. These are determined in close consultation with students in each years cohort, to ensure that we are meeting the needs of our students. In addition, students may use an external provider to access a subject that is not offered.

The school also has a relationship with the University of New England, who provide regular visits from academics into the relevant class, to offer real time, real world perspectives on the topic being studied, a window into how knowledge continues to be extended and applied in each discipline,
and a model of where an interest in excellence and diligence can lead you. Through all teaching and learning, we offer students a sense of the use, interest and joy in the subject at hand, so that the culmination of their education is more than the HSC: a readiness for life.

Example of subjects offered: English (Mandatory), Mathematics (Mandatory), Ancient History, Modern History, Earth and Environmental Science, Biology, Physics, Personal Development Health and Physical Education, Visual Arts, Music, Business Studies, Guardian Lessons, Camps, Extension Subjects.