Our Community

The School has a people centred structure where three bodies are working together towards the goal of a healthy school: The College of Teachers, the School Board and Administration. These three bodies work within a supportive community of family and friends. The Friends of Waldorf, are integral to the structure providing substantial support on many levels


The School Board is made up of parents and community members who are elected each year at the AGM held in March. It is responsible for all financial and legal activities including capital management, long term planning, setting and maintaining the annual budget. The Board also liaises with the College of teachers, Friends of Waldorf, other committees, the Management Team and the community at large. The Board also works at forming policies and making decisions regarding the welfare and viability of the school.

School Board


Maureen Chapman, Chair – (past teacher)

Rachael Mitchell, Secretary – (parent)

James Vicars (past parent)

Rebecca Schaefer (parent)

Nickie Murcell

Lisa Nolan (parent)

Board sub-Committees

TAWS Finance and Compliance Committee

Preschool Management Sub Committee

Friends of Waldorf (FoW) Sub Committee

Board meetings are held regularly every 4 weeks in term time (more frequently if needed).


The Armidale Waldorf School is operated on a “principal model” with the Education Director reporting to the School Board. All other roles report either directly or indirectly to the Education Director. The School has produced an Organisational Chart to assist staff and families navigate the various roles, responsibilities and reporting lines.


The College of Teachers is comprised of a group of experienced and committed teachers responsible for carrying the educational and philosophical impulse of the school, including regular study, educational and curriculum work and child study. The collaborative collegiate process ensures a conscious striving for the spiritual, academic and physical wellbeing of the students.


All parents and staff are encouraged to participate in the FoW activities. It is a wonderful way to be introduced to the school community. The FoW raise valuable funds each year for much needed educational resources and are a great support for the teachers.

The Friends of Waldorf is the name we give our wider school community, which functions a bit like a P&F only more friendly! Our coordinating group is a sub-committee of the School Board, so the School does most of the tricky paperwork. Our main aims are to strengthen the social fabric of the school and raise funds for it. Email fow@waldorf.nsw.edu.au for more information.