Important Information


A regular newsletter is sent out with all the current information. Teachers are encouraged to write a piece for their class on a regular basis to be submitted to the office, preferably by email by Sunday evening. Parents are welcome to submit short notices, subject to approval.


The school is serviced by buses to and from school with connections to outlying areas. Application forms for free transport are available at the office. There is a bus stop at Ben Venue School specially for our students, and it is supervised in the mornings and afternoons.


Teachers work hard to maintain good relations and communications with their parent body and contacts are best made by phoning the office to organise a meeting time if needed. Spontaneous contacts, at busy times before and after school are usually not possible. You may also contact the Education Director if you wish to explore other channels of communication, e.g. through College or Board (within the guidelines from the Communication Policy).


Kindergarten – the Kindergarten teacher shall do home visits on entry to the school.

Year 1 – the teacher will provide a report at the end of the year. You can request an interview with the teacher for a mid year verbal report on your child’s progress.

Years 2 – 8 – teachers will provide written reports in middle and end of each school year. Opportunities for individual interviews will be made available at the end of Term 1 & early Term 3.


School camps are an integral part of the curriculum. Teachers will advise parents of the date, destination, duration and cost of camps – ranging from day trips for Kindergarten to 2 camps for years 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8.


There is a wonderful array of books available to students, staff and parents. All members of the school community are encouraged to join the library and seek to deepen their understanding of the philosophy which underpins our educational approach. The school curriculum document is also available in the library.


Our class teachers bring continuity to lessons from day to day and from week to week, so there may be difficulties if children are absent from school. It is expected that children attend school except in cases of illness or an extraordinary family situation. If a child will not be attending school, the parent must ring the office before 9:20am on the day, and give reasons for the absence. Should the parent not ring, the school will telephone the parent to ascertain the reason for their absence, and remind parents of their obligation.


We request that staff and children wear practical, modest clothing, e.g.: sturdy shoes or sandals (remember we are in a bush setting) a broad brim hat for all year round, and plain coloured clothing that does not display advertising, aggressive or negative images or words. Students and staff cannot be outside without appropriate hats. Parents and visitors are encouraged to be role models.


The school endeavours to have a tuckshop on Fridays. This is co-ordinated by volunteer parents. Information and menus will appear in the Newsletter each Thursday. The emphasis is on nutritious, wholesome food. Biodynamic and organic ingredients are used when possible. Two courses cost $4.00 for the children and $6.00 for adults.


All staff, parents and extended family are warmly invited to participate in all festivals and events throughout the year. These events are highlights of your child’s year, and deepen their sense of purpose and place in the world. These will include open days, class plays and violin concerts.


There are often study groups for staff members and parents who wish to deepen their understanding of Rudolf Steiner’s philosophy. This philosophy inspires our approach to your child’s education.


All parents and staff are encouraged to participate in the FoW activities. It is a wonderful way to be introduced to the school community. The FoW raise valuable funds each year for much needed educational resources and are a great support for the teachers. To contact the FoW, please email


Information sheets are available from the office regarding topics such as television viewing and the importance of play. The school policy document is also available.

Please download our Parent Handbook below for further information.