Students at TAWS spend the first part of the morning in the Main Lesson, a two-hour rich learning sequence which concentrates on the same subject for a three-week period. These longer sessions allow for students to interact with their subject, their classmates, and teachers more deeply, with content distinction according to student needs; layering of increasingly complex material; questioning and response time.

The Steiner High School curriculum offers rich and enjoyable lessons that are tailored to the developmental needs and interests of the adolescent, connecting lesson and students emotionally and therefore making the topic/lesson both enjoyable and memorable.

As well as core subjects, Students in Classes 9 and 10 we will be offered a carefully curated Electives Program designed to extend their capacities and nurture new interests.

Core subjects will include:
English – English lessons focus on the skills of oral and written argument, essay writing, debating, grammar and proofreading.

Mathematics – Maths provides an excellent forum for the application of structured, logical thinking to make judgments based on observation and understanding rather than emotional response.

Science Science lessons contains a robust range of topics that expand and engage students in hands-on and active learning projects.

Modern History – Students will study major events and turning points from the beginning of the 19th Century to the present-day in Australia and internationally.

Geography – Draws on students learning from past years in the disciplines of science, geography, citizenship and history.